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Wisdom from a WWII Vet

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September 25, 2020
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Frank Burgos spent 6 years total in the European Theater. This was during and after WW2. He was a member of the 162nd Field Artillery, Puerto Rican National Guard. He was also my grandfather. Unfortunately he has passed away, but I wanted to honor his legacy by passing on 3 pieces of nostalgic wisdom he gave me.[caption id="attachment_22937" align="alignnone" width="300"]

My Grandfather and I, Puerto Rico 1990[/caption]

1. Tip your barber well

Frank cut hair for his unit, and turned it into a career post service. Eventually, he became the Governor of Puerto Rico's personal barber, in the 1960's. He once told me, "Your haircut is how you introduce yourself to everyone before you even open your mouth." He also remarked, "People are willing to forgive stupid people as long as they look good." Furthermore, that if your barber made you look handsome, then give them a big tip. If they made you look bad, to get a new barber.

2. Use a shoe horn

Frank also said, "After people notice your hair, your shoes are next." Having a nice pair of shoes is important. Taking care of them is even more important. A shoe horn will help your heel slide in and avoid damaging the back of your shoe. "This also works for tennis shoes," he added. This was more about accepting the fact there are tools to help you in life. Forcing things is a poor alternative to using something designed to make your life easier. Frank also said, "You'll notice how important this is as you get older. Why bust your ass reaching for your heel when you can use a shoe horn?"

3. Catch up over coffee

This may seem self explanatory, but it was always more about making the effort. Carving out time to just be in the presence of an old friend or loved one can make a huge difference in your personal relations. Times have changed, and we may feel more digitally connected than ever, but messages can only do so much. Having coffee in the morning, with your family, before everyone heads out may be the best moment someone has that day. You can't control how the world treats you, but you can control how you treat each other.Did your relatives leave you any nostalgic wisdom? Drop a comment below.

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