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Some People Say: Exploring Popular Opinions

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August 23, 2018
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Some people say America isn't all that great. We disagree. Straight out of a shit to give, we know we're not perfect, but since 1776 we've been steadily gaining ground from an already great start. Never been great? How about that cool Bill of Rights that is meant to safeguard the rights you as a person already have? Is that not a great thing? We'll just file that under "Shit That Wasn't Great" (sarcasm).We're not going to pretend that we're perfect, we're human, and after all, humanity has known to be shitty at times. However, we came crashing into two world wars, ensuring victories in both. We started behind losing the space race, only to win by dropping Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the moon. Then we did it several more times just to show off.We're one of the only countries to fight a two-front war and win. Be assured that list is short, but we're at the top.

Some People Say

If you're an American there is something to be proud of. You may be seen as cocky or arrogant, but truth be told we've been putting in the work, enduring the hardships and paving the way for modern society since we came into existence in 1776. Have we screwed the pooch on occasions? Royally! It didn't stop us though, we just kept getting better and better. We'd say we're like a fine wine or scotch, but both of those come from Europe. Instead, we're like a fine bourbon, smooth but strong and a little bit reckless.

Some people say

Some people say that America is too reckless arrogant or proud. Seems like some other countries are just jealous that despite their old age, they still haven't figured out how to be as great as we are and we've only been putting on this epic show since 1776.Be proud America, because although we may not be perfect, we're certainly a hell of a lot better than anywhere else on this planet and it's been that way since 1776.

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