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Top 5 Reasons We Need to Buy Brazil's Only Carrier

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Community Support
September 30, 2019
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Did you watch Monday's American Grit Live!? If you did, you know we mentioned something about this already, but we thought we should expand a little more...Recently, Brazil decided it should sell it's only aircraft carrier. This is probably due to the fact the carrier has only been operational 206 days out of the last 19 years, as they purchased it used in 2000 from France. For the measly price of $1.275 million, we think we can scrounge enough office change to pick it up. Here are the Top 5 things we think we could get away with using it for:

  1. Much needed trip to Rio de Janiero! Who wouldn't want to go to the land of Carnival and Brazilian beaches!?!?! We gotta pick up our aircraft carrier somehow!
  2. Deep sea fishing would be .... interesting? I'm sure there is a way to rig one heck of a pole to catch some good seafood eats. After all, isn't 'eco-friendly animal harvesting' a 'thing' right now? (AKA the way real hunters and fishers... hunt and fish...)
  3. Room for activities! Have you ever been on an aircraft carrier!? Those things have LOTS of space! We could have a space for every activity we wanted. It would be a giant floating recreation room with video games in one area, sports in another, music jam rooms, and so much more! You know that sounds cool!
  4. To intimidate the competition, duh. After all, you can't "keep up the Jones'" if we have a big ass aircraft carrier. Your company has tanks?! Cool story bro.
  5. Because why not!? Look, if you got a million bucks and some change in bored money hanging around, I'm not sure anyone would fault you for being like... I'm gonna buy it for funsies.

What would you buy it for? Drop a comment and let us know!

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