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We Just Can't Have Nice Things

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Community Support
May 30, 2018
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Controversy, controversy, the world 'round and around it makes the world go. We just can't have nice things. Someone being offended by something seems to always chip away at any sense of normalcy we have in our lives. Thought and word police ride mighty virtue signaling steeds upon the internet and eviscerate those who would dare disagree with pithy baseless illogical arguments. It doesn't matter which side you're on, really if you emotionally believe something enough to be true, then by Geronimo it's true.For the longest time, we didn't have social media, and everyone's local village idiot was usually looked upon as such. An example below:Bob: "Something incredibly horrible and stupid"Rest of the townspeople: "That's why we don't listen to Bob, he's a moron."The problem with such malignant forms of communication is this. It drives attention away from real issues.Someone says something to upset the apple-cart of any number of identity groups, then raging and gnashing of teeth occurs, nothing gets done except a gigantic media spectacle and now certain things are off limits. For as much as people complain about the government restricting rights, society does just about as bang up of a job ensuring people have to fall in line with lock-step thoughts else they be crucified upon the altar of public opinion.

We just can't have nice things

People shouldn't be assholes. But, we should also probably work on ignoring assholes instead of regulating words via the mob mentality, because you know, nothing bad ever came from folks acting out with that mob mentality thing.The great thing about writing this is we can pin it to any number of issues going on in the world right now, as we stated, controversy makes the entire world go around and around. As much as we hate to quote "Fall Out Boy" they hit the nail on the head saying "I don't care what you think, as long as it's about me."Someone always has to mess up the apple-cart. Someone always has to become the self-important victim and take away from legitimate issues. This is why we just can't have nice things. Everyone's always gotta be mad about something.

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