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Whiskey Warrior 556 Debate

Community Support
Community Support
November 25, 2019
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[embed][/embed]We are going to preface this article with- this is INTENDED to be a conversation starter and highlight certain points to get both sides talking. We have been researching multiple outlets and sources to provide a full spectrum article. So, read and then tell us what you think about the "whiskey_warrior_556" situation below, we want to open up the dialogue on this one.Let's start with the pieces of information we have..... This weekend Alex Booth, who goes by the Instagram handle "whiskey_warrior_556" was in a police standoff at his home in New York for 6 hours. From all that we can gather, it appeared the whole situation started after police were called to Booth's house for a domestic incident. Upon arrival or shortly thereafter, the officer allegedly heard a gunshot.The police officer called for backup while Booth took out his phone and began broadcasting across social media. This is where things start to get a little out of control on both sides. Booth, who's social media stories can be found here (they were completely scrubbed off of his profiles), is showing police in the background around his house while he actively portrays his dislike for law enforcement. He is also shown wearing a tactical vest and states that he is completely unarmed and says the magazines in his vest are empty.He is also shown saying things like "Don't underestimate my power redcoats." Booth also clearly states he is drinking whiskey in the white cup he holds a large part of the time. He shows police surrounding both sides of his house, while the statements that came out say he was 'barricaded' in his house when he is clearly standing outside on what appears to be a porch at times.As the standoff continued, police cleared neighboring homes and brought in everything from a negotiations team to an armored personnel carrier (which seems a bit excessive if no firearms were brandished or seen at the scene yet). However, Booth escalated the situation as well by telling the negotiator that he wanted something in writing or there would be blood. He then immediately follows up that story with another stating he wants a peaceful resolution. (Well, which is it homie!?)After this, Booth's phone was shut off and shortly after, police were able to convince him to come out of his home, where they arrested him. They did not remove any weapons from his home or his personal possession, according to multiple sources. He was arrested on charges he already had in the system, to include the aforementioned domestic incident which may have incited this whole thing.Additional facts to note- because of the social media posts Booth did, his following instantly grew 130k in the hours of the standoff. This is important because people who were looking at his social media were asking people to contact 911 and flood the phone lines, go to the scene, etc. Booth has also had previous legal issues in the past with petit larceny, burglary, criminal trespass, etc. Booth has even been known for having severe PTSD-related issues, these sources claim.With all of the above stated- here's our take on the whole thing... Why couldn't police enter the home forcefully and mitigate the situation once the backup arrived? We are not saying go in guns blazing and shooting the house up. We are saying, kick the door and de-escalate the threat, as their training dictates. Especially if he clearly stated across social media that he was unarmed and they had rights to arrest him anyways.Another thing that bugs us- why is nothing in mainstream media? We had to read underground biased articles on both sides in attempts to get the full picture and watch videos of people who recorded Booth's social media profiles before they were cleaned out. Isn't there an amendment about this!?There are a lot of people claiming this is a Red Flag issue and even Booth himself made comments about the magazines he had on his vest and the amount of rounds they held. If you actually listen to the statements and look at the full picture- this was nowhere close to being a Red Flag Law issue. We are absolute proponents of 2A, you as our audience knows this.This whole thing was about a man who was using his social media in an escalatory manner whilst drinking whiskey and he was loving the attention he was gaining because of it. If you look at the facts, you will see plain and clear that Booth needed to be arrested and the situation maintained much better than it was. We do not agree, however, that homes needed to be cleared out and an armored personnel carrier needed to arrive on scene. His social media profile showed he was only armed with a glass of whiskey. If he had brandished weaponry, it would have been a different story altogether.We want to know your thoughts! What do you think this was really about? What is mainstream media trying to do by NOT publishing articles about it? Drop a comment!

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