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How to Avoid Tax Day

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April 1, 2024
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As we have covered in previous years, there are a few ways to extend the time you have to file your taxes past the April deadline. If those methods aren’t your style, we decided to provide more… eclectic options. Use them at your peril, or perhaps just go through the proper channels.

Time Travel

If you've got a flux capacitor handy, why not take a quick jaunt back to January? Give yourself the gift of time to sort through receipts, deductions, and tax forms at a leisurely pace. Bonus points if you manage to avoid creating a time paradox. (Don’t step on anything or take another pass at that person you like!) Just remember to return to the present with your taxes done or risk the wrath of both the IRS and the space-time continuum.

Adopt a Nomadic Lifestyle

Consider adopting a nomadic lifestyle, roaming from place to place with only the essentials. Do you think Jack Reacher stops by a tax prep center? If you're perpetually on the move with nothing but cash and a toothbrush, surely the tax documents will have a hard time catching up with you. 

Befriend Wildlife

Legend has it that animals are exempt from taxes. So, it might be high time to blend in with a group of woodland creatures. If you're spotted taking financial advice from a raccoon named Taka about how trash cans with loose fitting lids are a great investment for avoiding taxes, just remember; he is not a certified accountant.

The Ol' Switcheroo

Try swapping your tax forms with a bewildering array of takeout menus. When the tax deadline arrives, feign surprise. "Oh, you wanted my W-2? I thought you were interested in my extensive collection of pizza coupons." Especially effective if you live in the barracks and have takeout menus from every restaurant within a 50-mile radius.

While these methods are amusing to ponder, they're obviously not practical, or for that matter legal. The reality is, tackling your taxes head-on is the only way to truly avoid the deadline dread. Check out our article on legitimate ways to extend your deadline if needed, or just buckle down and get it all done on time, no time machine or raccoon friendship required.

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