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Navy Loses $126 Million in Aircraft Parts

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October 29, 2019
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So, right off the bat, we hope the headline makes our mechanic friends chuckle. But seriously... we recently read about how the Navy literally lost a whole warehouse of aircraft parts. $126 million dollars worth at that. Uh... wut?To make matters worse, the Navy's number 2 civilian, Thomas Modly, comes out and tells reporters about how they have almost zero accountability on the millions of dollars of equipment. While we realize this probably makes those shady supply NCO's hearts happy- we aren't exactly sure this is something that should be brandished at a "Military Reporters and Editors conference." Basically, this guy's public affairs officer is crying in a corner somewhere."Not only did we not know that the parts existed, we didn't even know the warehouse existed," is the exact quote from Modly, referenced in multiple other sources by the way. *facepalm* Come on man! Let's just tell the whole world (aka journalists, same thing) the United States Navy lost a whole warehouse of aircraft parts for the F-14 Tomcat, P-3 Orion and P-8 Poseidon. (Yes, also publicly released to multiple sources also to be read as the articles we read to write this one...) I mean, what could go wrong there!?We are all about transparency and ensuring Americans know what is going on with their tax dollars, but to straight out admit that you lost millions of dollars worth AND go on to say that neither the Navy OR their partnered companies knew about the warehouse and it's supplies? Does that not teeter the line of "operational security" just a little bit? Oh, and the warehouse is in Jacksonville, Florida. So, there ya go. Location too.Was the warehouse made with the same material Wonder Woman's plane is? Or maybe from the guy in that new show 'The Boys'? Again, we know some supply NCOs are pretty good about "re-acquisition" but when planes are being grounded and taking months to repair or "non-repairable" because "there are no parts"? This really seems out of sorts to us, but then again, people have been caught stealing millions from the military for years. *shrug*He also goes on to say that it's not just the warehouse, but he is directly quoted as saying that the Navy's inventory as a whole is poorly managed."It's billions of dollars and we don't have good accountability on that," he said. "We need to get much better." ....Uh, that's it? While he did say 'they're working on it' we aren't sure that is good enough yet. I guess we will see when the full report comes out in a couple of weeks.Either way, we are starting to think the Navy either needs to re-evaluate their supply system or, well, at this rate- get one. Leave a comment on what aircraft you need parts for, maybe the Navy will "re-acquisition" them for ya...

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