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Space Force on Netflix: A Review

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June 2, 2020
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Netflix just launched the highly anticipated Space Force show. Starring loveable Steve Carell and John Malkovich, they lead an all-star cast. The first season is 10 episodes long, with each episode about 30 minutes. So you get 5 hours to binge, or spread out. However, we binged it for you and below is a spoiler free review.

The good:

To begin with, what Space Force does well. The connection between some of the characters is out of this world and pulls you into orbit. (Ok, strap in because we're making a few more space puns.) Secondly, it is very imaginative with creating problems for the characters to tackle. What's a show without conflict right? Some inter-service bickering really is a gem of this show.Third, the acting comes off very genuine and convincing. A significant majority of the actors really seem like they're under pressure, trying not to crack. Last, the special effects are well crafted and smooth. Some of the cinematics are breathtaking and make you ache for a chance to be on the next rocket into orbit.

The bad:

For all the success they have with pairing certain characters, we found equally as many pairings flat. Forced interactions, for the sake of plot, make you question why that moment was created. This make a few of the problems seem too far fetched. Having space as your premise should not be a license to border on the absurd. Cringe worthy moments run rampant, and distract from the story. Some of these moments will leave Veterans red in the face, dying to tell their significant other that's not how that works.Occasionally, there is a political agenda. So if you are sensitive about that, be advised. Lastly, the military advisor, or lack there of, really cripples a show about a *military* branch. Small infractions are easy to overlook, like missing rank patches on a Staff Sergeant. Others, like blatantly ignoring the UCMJ, are much more sour tasting.Particularly one interaction between a high ranking married man and his mistress. He claims the military doesn't care whom he dates, but thousands of real troops who've lost rank under Article 134, would disagree. Also, the volume of interactions between high level officers and lower enlisted is either micromanaging or a daft oversight.

The verdict on Space Force:

The show swivels between funny, heartwarming and baffling. However, Space Force doesn't quite put enough fuel into any one category. Some moments we watched it in awe like a gleaming jet, and others leaves you rolling your eyes, and not in a good way. We recommend to add it to your queue for a slow day, but don't skip it to the head of the line. The show was there to binge all at once. As a result, there was no feedback to steer a show with a lot of potential. If this came out week by week, there might have been a great mid-season correction. Nevertheless, we would like to see season 2, and see if they can really kick the boosters in.Have you seen it? What did you think? Leave a comment below and tell us what you think! Check out a few military movies we think you should watch, here.

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