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Happy Birthday, Air Force!

Active Military
Active Military
September 18, 2019
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Well. We guess we can't exclude the Air Force, even if they are the giant nerds of the military. We get it, you all have Ph.D.s in physics and/or mechanical engineering. You're smart. Hooray! happy birthday nerds! Oh c'mon now don't get mad, we're actually going to wish you guys a really happy birthday. Seriously, we actually kinda sorta like you guys.So happy birthday Air Force and thanks for the A-10. We've got some really weird fantasies involving that plane that are better left unsaid, just know that we really like the way it turns bad guys into a really fine pink mist. It truly is a thing of wonder. We also really liked that one general you had, Robin Olds, that dude's mustache was so bodacious and full of big dick energy that it inspired '80s porn stars to grow out their mustaches in hopes that they could be as well hung.Happy birthday to you guys and gals! We sure do love that shit you do with a B-52, a bomb here, a bomb there, a bomb motherfuckin' everywhere.Since your inception at the end of World War 2, you've done a damn fine job of earning us air supremacy...we know we know, the Navy and Marine Corps fly fighters too, but it's not their birthday today, it's yours Air Force. It's your birthday and we're going to keep talking about how cool you guys are on this day...mainly so we can make fun of you the other days out of the year, but still, we're being cool today, so enjoy it while it lasts.Hopefully, for your birthday, you get your birthday wish, that the United States Space Force will fall under the Department of the Air Force, just like the Marine Corps falls under the Department of the Navy. All the cool branch departments have two services under them, don't you want to be cool like the Navy and Marine Corps? Of course you do!So have a happy birthday Air Force, you keep bombing the shit out of our enemies and coming up with cool planes like the B-52, B-1, B-2, F-22, F-14, F-4, A-10 and maybe... just maybe the F-35...

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