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How to Fight the Military's Dirty Little Secret

Active Military
Active Military
February 1, 2023
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The troops are in danger, and it’s up to us to help them. We have sunk untold dollars into niche projects, like renaming bases and wasting $28 million buying Afghan soldiers camouflage(that didn’t even match the environment). 

However, our greatest assets are still vulnerable to a silent killer.

Across the nation, troops are forced to live in moldy barracks, bathe in tainted water, and breathe hazardous airborne materials. Civilians even feel the burden as this also occurs on base housing, and the workspaces of government employees. 

Despite the apparent need for a solution, the troops have spent years asking their leadership for help. Either through incompetence, or dereliction of duty, the problem has persisted. Those in need continue to be given inadequate solutions, and it is time for it to stop.

Some of the older vets may scoff and think, “We had mold in our barracks too!” And to them I ask the question, “Then why have we tolerated this for so long?”

With a $742 billion dollar DOD budget, I refuse to believe the best we can offer our brave men and women is brown tap water, and mold in the vents. 

Sometimes, these exposures amount to asthma like symptoms. Sometimes these matters develop into career ending maladies, or even death.

“How can I help?”

Use this congressional website to find the contact information for your elected representatives. Email them the following message:

To the Office of (your representative)

I'm contacting you to express my extreme displeasure with the conditions some of our brave members of the military are being forced to live in. They sacrifice for their country, and are often forced to live in moldy barracks, and use brown tap water. 

This has been an ongoing issue, and can be verified by a quick internet search as to being a persistent problem. As a member of the people you represent, I am directly inquiring about your plan to fix this. I look forward to your prompt and detailed response.


(your name and contact information)

What next?

Send more than one email, call more than once. Document the response, or lack thereof. Don’t let them act like it is an isolated incident. Send us a message with their response. 

We were successful in forcing the government to provide billions of dollars in promised funds to Veterans suffering from toxic exposure through the Honor Our PACT Act, and we will not be ignored.

Together, we can make a difference again!

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