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Party Hot Spots near Military Bases in the USA

Active Military
Active Military
February 27, 2017
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If there is one thing that we as patriots love to do, it’s party.

Now I don’t know every party spot in the world (although I wish I did), but I can sure tell you the spots to be if you’re near a military base. Now I will admit, I am a little biased as a Marine, but I have spent time on all the branches bases in my time served.

1.California & Las Vegas


If you are stationed somewhere in California, then you already know that you have it better than most. You may even be stationed in the asshole of the earth (29 palms), but you know damn well that Vegas is just a 100 mph drive through the desert away and you’ll be spending your paycheck faster than your USAA account can charge the overdraft fees. If you are one of the lucky ones stationed in SO. CAL. Than you probably already know of the luxuries and debauchery that San Diego or L.A. can provide. Whether you’re looking to see good music, drink good beer, or meet good people, Southern California is the place to be.

2. North Carolina


Now let’s talk to those less fortunate souls stationed on the east coast of our great land. If you are stationed in North Carolina there’s only one place I can tell you that you are sure to have a night you won’t remember with people you’ll never forget. Ladies and gentleman, I give you Eastern Carolina University located in Greenville, NC (also known by its frequent visitors as “G-Vegas”) The last night I myself had in G Vegas I was comped an entire night of Vodka and Champagne and a private boot with bottle service because my Corpsmen had the bar owner convinced that I played 3rd base for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.



For those stationed in our nation's great south, you may spend time in Atlanta if you are in Georgia. Just make sure you don’t get too hooked on the Georgia peaches while you’re there. They will break your heart and be on the next recent graduate from Ft. Benning before you even have time to get mad about it.



Maybe you are stationed a bit further south, in Texas. If this is the case San Antonio is sure to never disappoint. You can enjoy an open bottle of Shiner Bock while walking down the river walk and some of the finest Mexican food in the nation.

5. Florida


Lastly, there are those select service members, that we can all get behind hating together; the Florida people. I don’t think I even have to explain the fact that the weather is always good, the people are always happy, and the ocean is always warm. I will just tell you that if you are close enough to drive to Panama City and you don’t during spring break time, then you are beyond any help that I can give you. There is also Ft Meyers, Miami, Orlando, and any other coastal town where falling asleep in a beach chair isn’t frowned upon (in fact it’s encouraged).

Now I may not have specifics on which bar is better (that’s only because I can’t remember the whole night) but I do know, I always had a good time. We want to know where your favorite party spots are, and maybe I can put in a good word for a Grunt Fest or two.

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