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Coast Guard- the fight against pirates and drug dealers

Active Military
Active Military
July 31, 2023
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The Coast Guard catches a lot of shit for “not being a real branch,” but it’s time to put some respect on their name. Now that the GWOT has ended and combat tours have all but flickered out, the Coast Guard is one of the few organizations still out there getting some.

According to the Coast Guard, they are responsible for saving over 3,500 lives and more than $75 million in property per year. 

In addition to that, each year they “conduct 1,424 boardings of high interest vessels designated as posing a greater-than-normal risk to the United States.” 

These can range from suspicion of terrorism, to known drug dealers illegally trafficking fentanyl through our waters.

You’ve seen the video of the Coast Guard jumping on the cocaine submarine, those types of operations are carried out by the USCG’s Deployable Specialized Forces (DSF). 

Their Maritime Security Response Teams (MSRT) often act as first responders to threats both on land and sea. These elite law enforcement officers often train alongside US Navy SEALs, US Marines, and other highly capable organizations to face dangerous situations across the globe.

Additionally, would it surprise you to know one of the top Coast Guard priorities is “To Break Up the Haunts of Pirates”?

It’s true, read more about it here.

Counter-piracy operations are essential to protecting the billions of dollars of goods that travel our waterways every day, not to mention the importance of protecting the travelers and crew on those ships. Furthermore, the USCG is responsible for safeguarding ports, key infrastructure that we rely on for our daily lives. 

This isn’t a new gig however. Interdiction type missions started back when our country was first founded with the formation of the Revenue Cutter Service, which later became the US Coast Guard. Subsequently, the USCG has deployed to support and fight every major U.S. war since 1790.

So next time you see a Coastie, cut them some slack. They may have just gotten back from a cool mission while your old unit probably spent the last week sweeping the motor pool. 

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