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Perfectly Flawed w/ Janae & Sergio

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October 11, 2022
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Alright, y’all, this one might start a few fights. Still, like a lumberjack walking into an environmentalist bar – we knew fists would fly before we walked through the door. 

Meet Janae Sergio; first, the good– she is a Navy Veteran, a loving wife and mother, best selling author, and a genuinely creative person with her own fashion brand.  Now let's speak to the silent weapon of war... unfortunately, like so many of our brothers and sisters – she is an MST Survivor, and her story is so f*cked up you should be calling your legislators and demand they hold predators accountable within OUR ranks.  But Janae isn’t a victim and refuses to be considered one. To this day, she is a hardcore advocate for ALL MST survivors and isn’t afraid to call out broken leadership within the ranks and within the veteran community. 

In this podcast, you may feel tempted to pick a side but polarization is the enemy. This affects us all. If you’re looking for a safe space to share your experience and need help, here are some trusted resources that assisted Janae and her healing journey.


What is Military Sexual Trauma: By Janae Sergio

Pink Berets Foundation

Vanessa Guillen Foundation

Protect Our Defenders

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