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MREs: The Ultimate Taste Test

Active Military
Active Military
December 10, 2018
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You are free to disagree. This is a free nation and people disagree and are wrong all the time, you are no exception unless you're reading this in China...then you're not free, but you're also probably not eating our MREs. One doesn't usually choose to eat MREs if given the opportunity to eat normal food or even "not normal food". We're not even quite sure what we mean by "not normal food". All we know is there are a lot of things we'd rather eat than MREs.That being said. There are some MREs that we'd rather eat if given no other option. These are the best of the best and come with all of the best side items. If you don't like these, you are free to shut your Commie mouth and eat the Vegetable Omelette MRE like a godless heathen.Best: Chili MacaroniChili Macaroni is lord. Made even better by the ever famous and loved, jalapeno cheese spread. Heat these two bad boys up and mix it all together and you've got something that is basically almost real food. Hell, we'll even go as far as to say that Chili Macaroni is better than some real food.Second Best: Cajun Rice and SausageThe next best had great flavor as well, and sorta almost kind of lived up to its hype. It had a modicum amount of flavor and that's a definite upgrade from the normal cardboard taste of MREs. Helping Cajun Rice and Sausage achieve the 2nd best rating is the most valuable spread, Peanut Butter. Add in the benefit of the generically branded "Combos" and you've got a great MRE...again assuming no real food is present.Third Best: Jambalaya The only reason Jambalaya didn't come in as second best is the lone fact that peanut butter is not available. It does come with Pound Cake which is nice, but Peanut butter definitely wins out versus Jam. Are we noticing a trend here, all of these MREs can be spiced up to great effect with Tabasco sauce or Chalula (whatever you prefer).Fourth Best: Beef EnchiladaBeef Enchilada is a great last ditch effort if you don't want to eat cardboard. With jalapeno cheese, picante sauce and Tabasco spicing up this MRE and adding something that resembles flavor is easy. It doesn't have much else to offer, but having those three readily available is nice.We were going to do five...but there is no such thing as five good MREs. The rest are just disgusting and the only edible things in them are either the peanut butter, jalapeno cheese spread or the pound cake.

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