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Chilling in the Cockpit: Pilot's Perspective

Active Military
Active Military
December 12, 2018
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Do you ever find yourself wishing that you could be seated in an F-4 Phantom II cockpit, dropping Commies over Southeast Asia as a badass fighter pilot who would make even Maverick pitch a tent at your death-defying acrobatic maneuvers? That's a silly question! Hell yeah, you would as would any red-blooded American male born between 1975 and 1992. Too bad the time for that has passed, but fear not, we have a happy midground.You can for the low low low price of $12,500 (or if you want to opt for the premium base you can shell out $19,500) have an authentic, communist killing ejection seat from an F-4 Phantom II fighter. That's right ladies and gentlemen, Boeing offers each ejection seat with a certificate of authenticity and the fantasy that you've always hoped for. All you need is your imagination and this baller ass ejection seat.The only downside is that the rockets used to propel the seat up and away from the aircraft are no longer functional, so you can't install it in your vehicle. We know that's not what you'd hoped to hear, but it is what it is and if you can afford a chair that costs more than a brand new economy car, then you can probably put your own ejection seats in your car for around the same price. This chair has all the luxury of the premiere multimillion-dollar multirole fighter/bomber of the 1960s all the way up until 1996 (for U.S. forces).


It doesn't recline and it has no cup holders, but really...do you want that kind of bullshit cluttering up a piece of American history and badassness? F*** NO! You want the real thing, the Real McCoy, no fakes, no substitutes.Sit back and relax in the chair that made shooting MiGs out of the sky a national pastime during the Vietnam War.

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