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Day 3: Allies vs. Allies, and No One Is Winning

Active Military
Active Military
October 11, 2019
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We are now entering day 3 of Turkey advancing into Syria. Both sides are experiencing costly losses and still, the battle rages on. On Friday, the US said they were pulling out of Northeast Syria and subsequently, Turkey stated they would begin to enter Syria supposedly to help "neutralize" ISIS/ISIL threats.Well, from what we have seen, the only thing Turkey has done in Syria is start a battle with the Kurdish and SDF. Turkey came in and immediately began using heavy arms fire. This is something we were afraid of happening, and if you watched, we talked about it on Monday's American Grit Live.One news report (article here) said Turkey initially wanted to assist with getting Syrian refugees back into Syria. Yet this current fight has actually caused over 100,000 displaced Syrian and Kurdish residents so far. Now, even Pakistan is attempting to back Turkey.The events unfolding in Syria, because of Turkey's advance, is not doing any good in the fight against ISIS whatsoever. In fact, there are several reports of ISIS detainees getting released because of bombings. There are even ISIS women who are starting riots in the area. But Turkey is supposed to be a United States ally, especially because they are also a part of NATO. Even if you are not big on the politics of it all, this whole thing seems a little sketchy.So far, the US has continued to stay out of it, with Special Forces representatives even telling media sources (article reference here ) how wrong this move is. We are simply watching on the sidelines across the country.Should we step in and risk American troops' lives? Who's side should we be on? If we pick a side, where does that put us strategically? While we here at American Grit know exactly where we stand, we are curious to what our audience thinks.BREAKING EDIT @ 406pm 11October: Newsweek and multiple articles stating Turkey has "accidentally" bombed US Special Forces troops in Kobani and we STILL did not return fire since they are Allies. Uh, excuse YOU Turkey!What side would YOU choose and why? What would be the strategic benefits? Drop a comment and let us know!Editor's Note: We know our referenced articles are Fox and Al Jazeera. We also read articles by CNN, NBC, the UK Independent and many, many others over the last few days. We get our ideas, references, etc. from multiple sources in an attempt to provide logical and educated stances. Have a problem with it? We don't care.

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