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Everyday Average People

Active Military
Active Military
August 1, 2018
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Not everyone you meet is an operator. In fact, if someone tells you how operator they are, it's probably a lie. The guys and gals that did the majority of the fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan were actually grunts and support troops alike. Average guys. If you doubt us about the support part, we can introduce you to a Huey crew chief who'd make you shit your pants.It's ok to be an average grunt to have a regular military job. Mad props to special operations forces, those schools are real ball busters and the units are hardcore as hell. Mad respect to them. That's just not...what everyone was. What everyone mostly was, was a bunch of slightly above average dudes who liked to fight, drink and fornicate. Real salt of the Earth kind of guys and gals."POGs" and "Grunts" alike we all had a damn job to do and looking back on things, despite the ongoing conflict, we kicked the shit out of the bad guys. Nobody wanted to hang around when the M-2s and Mk19s started rocking and rolling. Dudes behind those guns were likely 19-21 year old dudes with the power over life and death. Average friggin guys.

Average Guys

That Huey crew chief who saved your ass with his patented form of death from above. Average guy. POG too, but he crushed souls and made green grass grow in a desert wasteland.See folks all we're trying to say is a couple of things. If you put your time in, and were only a menial shitbag in garrison and slightly above average in country, hell, we're proud to call you guys brother.The GWOT era was built on the backs of average and slightly above average dudes who like "Joker" wanted to be the first kid on their block with a confirmed kill.Here's to all you regular, average, run of the mill, whiskey drinking, lead spitting, non-special forces average guys and gals.

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