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Hostage Survivor: WTF Tools

Mammoth Sniper Challenge
Mammoth Sniper Challenge
June 16, 2016
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This article is coming at you from our friends at Alpha Outpost.Seriously Alpha Outpost? WTF are all these tools because I can't even tell what a few of these are?That is exactly why we put many of these in there. If you're going to survive as a hostage then you need to have the tools that nobody will notice. Many of these tools were developed exclusively for our subscribers.

best gear ever 1

SCENARIO: You're in Cancun, Mexico on a vacation, next thing you know you're a hostage in a foreign country with no friends coming to get you.

So here's some rules we followed on how we used this to create the best hostage survivor box on the planet for every man.1. Every item must be transportable through most common foreign airports. (edged weapons go into checked luggage).2. Every item must be able to be worn on you at all time.3. Make every item hidden as possible, even if you're looking directly at it.4. Create the ability to have multiple fail-safes. The more places you can hide weapons, money, escape tools, etc. the greater you chances of survival.

Here's a quick breakdown of some of the most important products in the hostage survivor box:

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Curated with the help from ReadyMan

The ReadyMan team consists of SOF veterans, lifelong hunters and survival specialists. Their unique blend of instructors provide the best survivalist training that money can buy.They are the creators of the belt pouch, belt sleeve and the battle beetle which are in the Hostage Survivor box from Alpha Outpost. With their years of experience and training in the field of hostage survival, they have assembled a set of guidelines to follow should shit hit the fan.

Every item broken down:

Alpha Outpost Covert Hat

Alpha Outpost Hostage Hat

It's a hat. It's a weapon. It's a secret storage compartment (checkout the hidden zipper pocket on the inside). It's not fancy with bling so they don't think you're Kim Kardashian's new fling. Don't make your self a target.

ReadyMan Belt Sleeve

ReadyMan Belt Sleeve by Alpha Outpost

This is a universal sleeve that looks like it's almost apart of your belt, if you even notice it. You can hide edged weapons, tools, money or even a small cell phone.

ReadyMan Battle Beetle Tool

ReadyMan Battle Beetle with Alpha Outpost

It's a weapon disguised as a key-chain bike tool. This you can take almost anywhere. Check out the video to learn how to do some serious damage with it.

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ReadyMan Belt Pouch

Readyman Belt Pouch by Alpha Outpost

Another hidden compartment that keeps more money, edged weapons, tools, a compass etc. Trust me. If you had a hard time telling what it was at first then the enemy will not even notice it. That's the point. The biggest advantage you have in a hostage situation is the one they don't know about.

Battle Hat Tooth

Battle Hat Tooth

This is a weapon they won't see coming. This does serious damage and most people will think you're just hard-core fashionable. FYI, you can also put it on a string, watch band and so many other creative but effective weapon innovations.

Alpha Outpost Tactical Pen

Alpha Outpost Tactical Weapon Pen

The pen is mightier than the sword, but this pen is both. It's a weapon that you can get through almost any security. Great for stabbing and leaving your signature on their insides.

Mini Compass

Alpha Outpost Mini Compass

Use this as a last resort to get moving fast. You can hide it almost anywhere. It's small, so they won't find it if you're prepared.

Mini Multi Tool

Mini Multi Tool for hostage survival by Alpha Outpost

In the rare case you're a hostage, you'll encounter a lot of the unknown, this mini Multi Tool will keep you prepared for the small things that become big problems before you're free.

Handcuff Key Bracelet

Handcuff key bracelet by Alpha Outpost

It looks like more manshion (man fashion...we might have just made that word up). But around your wrists those hand cuffs go right next to your key that they may not notice.

Credit Card Knife Tool

Alpha Outpost Credit Card Knife Tool

This is a great tool that can hide in most wallets or hidden compartments (hat, sleeve, pouch, pockets, etc). You can fight, cut, free your self out of most situations.

best gear ever 2

Small Tactical Knife

Alpha Outpost Small Tactical Knife

Small enough to be hidden from your captors yet sharp enough to kill.


Alpha Outpost Handcuff escape shims

The tool that small enough to hide just about anywhere but can get you out of most handcuffs.

Ankle Pouch

Concealed Ankle Pouch Alpha Outpost

Another hidden compartment to hide money, edged weapons, tools, a compass etc. Put it around your ankle, arm, inside your boot, etc. Even if you're not kidnapped, it's a safer way to keep track of your important items while traveling in dangerous areas.

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