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Sabotaging Pistol Training (Video)

Mammoth Sniper Challenge
Mammoth Sniper Challenge
October 12, 2016
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Sometimes, in order to speed up, you need to slow down. Shooting a pistol is one great example of that.Travis Haley is perhaps one of the most well-known firearms trainers in the business, and if he says you need to stop drawing your weapon and dumping mags at targets, you should probably listen.This video has to do with slowing down and practicing a "deliberate draw," and includes a drill to help you master yourself and your gun.The key is to set a timer, draw the weapon and not allow yourself to fire a shot until the five seconds is up. By doing everything correctly within this very forgiving time frame, you will ensure that as you draw quicker and quicker, you don't skip the fundamentals and end of missing shots.If anyone knows how to get you better at pistol shooting, it's Travis Haley. The world-class instructor, who spent time as a Force Reconnaissance Marine and a Blackwater contractor, can shoot extremely fast on any given day but still practices these very deliberate drills in order to correct his pistol deficiencies.Check out the video here:



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