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Perfect Way to Hide American Nationality

Mammoth Sniper Challenge
Mammoth Sniper Challenge
August 2, 2016
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This guy is our new hero.Reddit user Taherham was all set to go on vacation to Europe with his fiance. But there was just one problem; she told him to keep his American identity a secret from all the native Europeans. They needed to blend in, so they wouldn't be like those other annoying tourists.

You know who you are...

Now, Taherham is a proud American. So how do you hide that identity, without giving up your love for your country?

You make this shirt.


Genius. It's subtle, it's beautiful, and we love that there is a certain sadness to it. I'm not American. It sucks so much, I had to put it on a shirt.

Why wasn't I born in Toledo, Ohio?

Taherham plans to fool all of the locals in England, France, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and Hungary with this incredible shirt. The only flaw that we can see in this plan is that, now that his face is all over the internet, it might be harder to pull off.

What would you have put on the shirt instead?

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