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6 Crucial Tips for Surviving Hostage Situations

Mammoth Sniper Challenge
Mammoth Sniper Challenge
June 16, 2016
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This article is coming at you from our friends over at Alpha Outpost.

The Hostage Escape tips were put together from Alpha Outpost and the expert advice from the guys at Readyman. This was meant to teach you the survival techniques needed in a hostage situation, as well as give you the training for the tools in the Alpha Outpost Hostage Survivor box.

1. Mindset

hostage survivor mindset from Alpha Outpost

"Negativity from powerlessness is poison to your mind." -Readyman

Have situational awareness1. Know the area.2. Investigate where you are going before you go.3. Know who is in the area? Who are the safe/good guys, know who the threats.4. Know where are the populated areas vs. the rural areas.Prepare Yourself1. Make sure to have your tools secured on you before you go out.2. Know you are going somewhere potentially dangerous.3. Know where the police stations are if you need them. And know how to get there.4. Map out your places to visit and the routes.

best gear ever 2

Memorize potential attackers 1. Number of perpetrators that could be in a group.2. Number of and types of possible weapons that can be used against you.3. Attire: What they wear, tattoos, or jewelry if they are in front of you.4. Chain of command. Know who's in charge. Who's second?

2. Avoid

Dark Sinister Alley from Vnovember

"Individuals who stand out are more likely to be perceived as a target and are more likely to be singled out by captors." -Readyman

1. Map out the area you are in.2. Have multiple safe routes to take.3. Identify areas to avoid.4. Wear attire that does not make you stand out or look vulnerable.5. Conceal money/valuables in different areas of your attire.6. Identify suspicious activity in the area.7. Carry protection (not just condoms).8. Lock the doors to your room all the time.9. Avoid unmarked taxis.10. Know where the police stations are located.

3. Flight

Flight mode for hostage survival by alpha outpost

"The best route is a planned route." -Readyman

1. Carry a compass or a way to navigate your location.2. Know where your exits are before and after you walk in.3. Identify areas to avoid.4. Remember street signs, shops and ways to locate yourself.5. Find a populated area or head in the direction of the coast.6. Always have an alternate route.7. Find the police or help.8. DO NOT yell for help if you are not in a populated area. This could attract the kidnappers to find you.9. Find a phone or way to call for help and know the number in your area.

4. Fight.

fight back hostage survival by Alpha Outpost

"If you plan to fight, fight like a rabid dog."

1. Once you decide to fight, plan on the attackers to try to take your life.2. Fight for you life right away.3. Do not fight to kill, fight to get away.4. Use what you can to find as a weapon.5. Once you take them down, go into "Flight Mode."6. Try to disarm your attacker so that you have the opportunity to escape.7. Hit the key areas of the attackers body: Eyes, throat, ears, groin, solar plexus and nose.

5. Barricade

Use a belt to barricade your self from threats.

"If there is no other option, barricade yourself to avoid your attackers from getting in." -Readyman

1. Use what you have to block the door.2. Even if the door is locked, put as much as you can in front to barricade the door.3. Turn the lights off in the room you are in.4. Use a belt to wrap around a door hinge.5. Jam a wedge into the bottom of the door or close to the edge of the door by the door knob.6. If you are in "flight mode", lock doors behind you after going through them (unlike in movies).

6. Escape and Evade

Hostage escape by alpha outpost

"Surrendering is a bad idea when you can still escape." -Readyman

1. Check your surroundings all the time.2. Know the routines or schedule of the attackers who kidnapped you.3. Find weak points in the room: windows, vents or doors to exit through.4. Look for cameras that could be watching you.5. If you are tied up or handcuffed, use a tool to break out.6. If you break free, have a plan of where to evade. Be cautious and patient while you make your escape.7. When you escape, immediately go into "Flight Mode".

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