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3 Slashing Tools Everyone Needs

Mammoth Sniper Challenge
Mammoth Sniper Challenge
June 16, 2016
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This article is coming at you from our friends at Alpha Outpost.

"If you plan to fight, fight like a rabid dog." -Someone who's still alive.

The hairs on the back of your neck are pin-needles. You know you have to fight to survive. But if you have to fight to survive a hostage situation, remember, you're not Jason Borne. Do not fight to kill, fight to get away.Here are the 3 slashing tools everyone needs to have on them to survive being a hostage. These items were apart of the Alpha Outpost Hostage Survivor box.

1. A Credit Card Knife

Credit Card knife and multitool by Alpha Outpost

It's more than just a knife, it's a multi-survival tool. It's small and can even fit into most wallets. Keep it on your otherwise it doesn't work.

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Tips for using a credit card knife:

  1. Keep your body behind the knife.
  2. Use small jabbing punches with the knife in your fist.
  3. Use your other arm to guard your chest, neck and stomach.

2. Small Tactical Knife

small tactical knife by Alpha Outpost

What makes it tactical is that it's always on you. You're not Rambo if you're shopping at the mall, so carry what you can keep on your all the time that doesn't draw attention.

Tips for using a small tactical knife:

  1. Keep your body behind the knife.
  2. Do not extend your knife arm all the ways.
  3. Use your other arm to guard your chest, neck and stomach.

3. Tactical Pen

Tactical Pen by Alpha Outpost

It's a pen. Sometimes it's mightier than a sword and other times it is your sword. It's made of hardened materials that punctures flesh.

Tips for using the Tactical Pen:

  1. Strike hard and fast.
  2. Use multiple repeated stabs.
  3. Do not hesitate while stabbing.

Special thanks to the experts at Readyman for putting this information together.

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