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Let's Get This Silver Star Upgraded

Active Military
Active Military
July 29, 2019
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So, the whole entire purpose of this piece is to convince you all that these actions, for which a Silver Star was awarded, actually warrant at least a Navy Cross or even a Medal of Honor. If enough of us petition for it, hopefully, someone who can do something will do something. Maybe. Before we start, we'd like to say this, that man knows what he did and is proud of that and doesn't need anything upgraded, but it is our job, as those who've served to ensure that this Marine receives appropriate recognition for the standard of excellence he Staff Sergeant Timothy S. Williams, bein a dope recon Marine, hoppin', poppin', shootin', lootin, bad hombre. While on mission in Afghanistanland, SSgt. William's team leader gets wounded. Wounded really fukin' bad. His leg, femur, is not only shattered, but he's thrown into a canal full of what we can only assume is the most wholesome and clean water on this here planet Earth. Hooray infection! (sarcasm detected)SSgt. Williams, who surprisingly wasn't struggling to walk with his giant ass cac and balls, immediately ran to his team leader sixty meters away across open ground covered with enemy fire. THEN treated the wound while also pulling him out of the canal. Pause button. Have any of you ever tried to pull someone out of a river, or canal, or even pool? It's kinda difficult, everything is slippery and your footing is all catawampus. Now, imagine that scenario, only your friend that you're trying to pull out of the water, has a shattered leg and wearing all of his personal protective equipment (PPE). So he can't really help you and he weighs probably at least 50 lbs more than he normally would, plus you're wearing all of your PPE too, weighing you down. Also, people are still trying to actively kill you. Ok, press play again.THEN, after doing that, SSgt. Williams carries his pal over 300 yards to a medevac helicopter. Ok, pause button again. Given the average size of an adult male, it's likely that SSgt. William's team leader weighed at least, 225 lbs with all of his gear on. Press play again. Throw that weight on your shoulders and run 300 yards while again, people are trying to kill you.THEN, come back from that task which was apparently like a morning jog for SSgt. Williams, who then took command of the mission and assaulted through enemy Taliban forces for two miles, pushing towards friendlies, trapping the Taliban forces and killing them for their entire jaunt back to friendlies.For his actions, he was awarded the Silver Star. We happen to think, that maybe just might be due for an upgrade because well...DID YOU JUST READ THAT SHIT? C'mon man! We've read a ton of citations for different awards and to be frank, this one...this deserves to be upgraded to the Medal of Honor, for sure.

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