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Love Marine Corps

Active Military
Active Military
March 13, 2018
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We did all the other services, now it's time for the best branch of them all. Hard to boil it down to five reasons why we love the Marine Corps, what with all the amazing things they do. How handsome and good looking they all are, to how ferocious they are in battle. It's going to be a tough go to select the five qualities that truly define why we love the Marine Corps.1. Marines win battles. Ever heard of a place called the Chosin Reservoir? Or how about an island named Iwo Jima, maybe this place called Fallujah? In the entire history of the United States Marine Corps, the only time they've surrendered was during WWII when there were only a few hundred Marines versus extremely overwhelming numbers of Japanese, with naval support. Even then they fought for several days inflicting high casualties against the invaders. Marines win battles, and if they don't they make the enemy pay in blood for each piece of ground gained.

Why We Love the Marine Corps

2. Marines look damn good. Every single member of the other services can't deny that Marine Dress Blues are the best looking dress uniforms. Despite the numerous crayon and glue insults, every other branch knows it's game over for them at the bar if Marines show up in their Dress Blues. (Damn we look good).

Why We Love the Marine Corps

3. With the exception of Corpsman, Marines are self-sustaining. They have their own air support, they have their own armor, and they have their own infantry. There isn't much the Marine Corps can't do on its own. Truth be told they wouldn't really have it any other way. By the way, the corpsman, they are ours now and you can't have them back, we've adopted them.

Why We Love the Marine Corps

4. They were founded in a bar! Marines like to fight, Marines like to drink. It's only reasonable that the guy who wanted a bunch of mean and nasty fighters to fight the redcoats aboard ship would go to the world famous Tun Tavern in Philadelphia to recruit some of the meanest, nastiest, beer drinkingest, rough and tumble men ever assembled.

Why We Love the Marine Corps

5. Marines have this sense of arrogant, cocky pride about them. Their only flaw, if we had to pick one is that Marines don't actually know how good they really are. Everything that is asked of them gets done. An old unofficial saying in the Marine Corps "Improvise, Adapt, Overcome" proves that it doesn't matter where or how you fight Marines, they'll find a way to win, because in the wise wise words of Dj Khaled, "All we do is win."

Why We Love the Marine Corps
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