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National Infantry Marine Month: Honoring Heroes

Active Military
Active Military
March 15, 2018
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With only twelve months a year and three hundred and sixty-five days in those twelve months, some things that are worthy of being recognized will overlap. For instance, the month of March is National Women's History Month, as we've celebrated here.It is also the only month in which we get to pay tribute to the backbone of the Marine Corps, the infantry.Why do we pay tribute to the infantry this month and not on the other months? Well, it's quite simple really. When looking at the Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) code for the United States Marine Corps, the 03 field designates that job as an infantry job. March is written in date format as 03/XX/XXXX or some variation thereof. So with that being said...

National Infantry Marine Month

Happy Marine Corps Infantry Month!For the last 242 years infantry Marines have located, closed with and destroyed the enemy by fire and maneuver and to repelled the enemy's assault by fire and close combat. That's just what they do!March, in addition to being 03 "month" also happens to be the month in which we celebrate many of the infantry specialties. For instance, the second day of March, written 03/02 pays tribute to our Infantry Officers from 2nd Lt. to Lt. Colonel. Also, the 7th day of March celebrates one of the deadliest battalions in the Marine Corps, the abbreviated 3/7 for March 7th also happens to be the abbreviation for 3rd Battalion 7th Marines. Next up on the list is the ever famed backbone of the infantry 03/11 or as the Marine riflemen would say, Happy 0311 Day. The month of March has many more celebrations for our Marine Corps infantry types, from the famous Scout Snipers of the Marine Corps on the 17th of March, to the Machine Gunner on the 31st of March.

National Infantry Marine Month

Whatever your designator in the infantry, if it has it's own day or not, be proud that the entire month of March is dedicated to those that make the green grass grow in the name of Puller, Mattis, Butler, and Daly, amen.

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