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New Year, New Decade: Day 1

Active Military
Active Military
January 2, 2020
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Today is 1Jan2020 and it is almost over. In some parts of the world, it already is. Typically, people view the first day of the New Year as the day that sets the tone for the rest of the year. Let's just say if this is the case, we are in for a wild ride.As 2019 came to a close, it looks like things across the world escalated and came to a head. It seems like everywhere you turn in the news, another country is creating chaos with the U.S.The biggest piece of news this week was the U.S. embassy in Iraq getting over run by protesters. We immediately sent Marines in, decided that wasn't good enough and followed up with approximately 750 Army paratroopers. Long story short- an American contractor was killed in an attack, we struck back against the militias with some bombings and they wanted to get froggy at our embassy. Once the Marines got there, they backed off. Go figure. Army's still on their way though, just to make sure.Earlier today, the Taliban decided it shouldn't get forgotten with all the Iraqi news, so they also did some attacking in Afghanistan. They killed 26, most were Afghan police forces. No U.S. deaths were reported yet, but during the last year over 20 American lives were lost in Afghanistan.You also have ol' Kim still making his threats because we haven't sat down yet and given him everything he wants. Cool your jets Kim, we are kind of busy right now. You'll get your attention, just wait your turn.Iran is stirring up trouble in general, Iraq is just the most recent. They're mad about oil, as usual. Iran, we aren't sure increasing your own country's gas prices by 50% is the way to go either... (Not to mention shooting the protestors in your own country... You might want to look at that first.)Of course Hong Kong is still protesting to become a democracy and still getting beaten up by local police. Worse, actually. Hang in there guys, we are still hoping some form of revolution happens for you soon.In the last couple of days, China hasn't been in the top of the headlines, but they have been upping their shady factor. We bet we will hear something soon enough. After all, their spies keep getting caught here, not exactly sneaky.And this is all just the international sphere in the last week. There has also been quite a bit of unrest in New York too. Not to mention the day to day general chaos across the U.S.What does this forbode for 2020? Will this year, or even this new DECADE mind you, be one of consistent unrest and international not-so peacefulness? At least, more so than usual? What's next?Maybe tomorrow will give us a fresh perspective. After all, hindsight is 2020... (get it!?!?!)

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