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Ode to the Woobie

Active Military
Active Military
Mammoth Sniper Challenge
Mammoth Sniper Challenge
January 17, 2018
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For those of you who don't know, American Grit is based out of San Antonio, Texas. This is important and relevant because apparently this winter, Texas and a good portion of the south, decided that they were Canada. We know it's not actually as cold down here as it is up North, but you gotta realize, people here have no idea how to react to this. We're used to it being like 85 degrees right now. So without further ado, as we sit here shivering because we're totally unprepared for this cold stretch, we present to you the Ode to The Woobie.

The Woobie

What is there to say about the woobie that has not already been said? Very little, but we'll do our best. The woobie is every servicemembers best friend. An ever-present comforting battle buddy during all types of weather. If it was hot the woobie was just light enough to be the perfect blanket while you slept under the desert sky in Fort Irwin or Twentynine Palms. If the weather turned south and the mercury started to fall, somehow, with almost magical powers the woobie became the saving grace of those stationed in Alaska and Fort Drum alike.

There are many things a service member will trade with you. Each man has his own favorites when it comes to jalapeno cheese and peanut butter in an MRE and most will trade with you whatever your heart desires for their preferred spread or even candy. All the forms of nicotine will be traded or loaned out for a set price. The Woobie, however, is one thing that will never be put on the bargaining table. Hellfire, the love of a significant other, all the gold in the world, nothing is held as dear. The only rival for the woobie in the entire world is the service rifle.

The Woobie
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