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Our Community: Camaraderie Goes Unmatched

Active Military
Active Military
October 2, 2019
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First off, when we say 'our community,' we mean more than just military. Military, first responders, law enforcement and other public servants are the heartbeat of their community and subsequently, ours here. The camaraderie of said community is completely unmatched.The very definition of camaraderie is "mutual trust and friendship among people who spend a lot of time together." Spend a lot of time together. Well, gee, I would definitely say this is true, from literally the beginning of their moment of service, signing the dotted line for the job.You see, you really don't join into the military or a public service occupation alone. Typically, you are in a class or a group and you are sworn in. Like a cult. You then dedicate your life and all decisions to protecting the public and those next to you. Also, kind of cultish.From there on out, you literally have ZERO alone time. Not even to use the bathroom, take a shower or well, 'other' private activities. (Leave me alone, my mom reads this- I shouldn't use terms like beat off... wait.... shit..... sorry mom!) ANYWAYS, you eat, breathe, shit, eat, sleep, work, sleep, eat, breathe, work with these same people for more hours in the day than you ever knew existed.For most fields of service, your LIFE literally depends on the people around. You learn the most intimate details about these people and you develop a brother and sisterhood with them. You get to a point where you would literally die for these people to save their life, if needed. And you hope you never have to, but if you ever did have to, you would not think twice about it.So what makes our community so different? Well, after working in civilian jobs for a few years, I can definitely say that atmosphere is not the same. People are there to see how far they themselves can advance. When they go home at the end of the day, they don't think about you and their life certainly does not depend on yours.We say all of that to say this- keep it going. The camaraderie and the unmatched brotherhood that we have is what drives some of us to go out and do good things in the world. We are the change the world needs.And yes, while there are some extra douchey people in our community as well, they are a lot farther and fewer between and typically, at the end of the day- they still have your back. (No fucking Bergdahl references needed, k thanks.) Because thats what brothers and sisters do. They pick on each other and can even get downright mean, but we are all still willing to risk our lives for each other.

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