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Pain Retains

Active Military
Active Military
February 20, 2019
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Abuse! Abuse! Abuse! But pain retains. Seemingly everyone has something to say about the way we train our military. Outside commentaries by men and women whose knowledge and understanding of the military and it's purpose is outclassed by a 4th grader who played Call of Duty during the summer instead of going outside and playing with their friends.It's true though, what we're putting out here. Pain retains. It teaches you that there are actions that if taken will f***ing hurt. Now luckily, they don't teach us to duck by shooting us in the SAPI plate with the preferred weapon of our foe be it an AK-47 or pilfered American weapons. That might be a bit extreme... but we do know some dudes who would do the ballistic cup like Mack did in Super Troopers with live ammo.If you break noise discipline while setting up for an ambush in training, and your team leader or even your fellow big dicked body slayer next to you, knocks a tooth out of your stupid ass mouth, you think in combat you won't remember that breaking noise discipline resulted in a painful experience for you? Do you think you'll risk the lives of everyone around you and break noise discipline? Nope. Pain is a useful tool in the training world. If shit didn't hurt when you failed, then you'd keep f***in' doing that stupid shit. That stupid shit may down the line cause others to pay with their lives.It'd be interesting to live in a world where failure didn't actually induce pain on any level. You fall from a 60 story building, and just bounce right up and walk away. No big deal. But, that is at best the pipe dream of a crack head living in a fantasy world. Pain happens when you fail.It's not the only training tool, but it's time some psychophants stop begrudging the use of pain in training. It's necessary and it's effective. Life in the military and hell, life and general can be painful, it can be downright hazardous to your health. Everyone we ever knew experienced some pain and eventually died or will die. Better to teach people how to deal with it before it becomes a bigger problem instead of crying about abuse like a ninny.

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