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Remembering the Alamo

Active Military
Active Military
March 6, 2018
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Outnumbered, out armed, and surrounded one hundred and eighty-nine men, the men who defended the Alamo, showed us exactly what we are capable of when our minds are set to purpose. Remember the Alamo!The men who defended the Alamo to their dying breath were men of commitment. They knew they were dead men walking. There was no way out of the siege but surrender, which was not an option, or victory, which wasn't possible. So instead they chose death. Honorable and bravely they fought like rabid animals until the sheer numbers of Santa Anna's army overwhelmed them. 600 Mexican soldiers lost their lives to the Texans on March 6th, 1836. A ratio of a little over 4 kills per Texan. While that may not seem like much, remember the primitive weapons (compared to today's sophisticated armaments). Much of the fighting was close quarters battle and extremely intense for an extremely outnumbered Texan force. But they held their own until they were all killed. We remember them today!

Remember the Alamo

They were fierce. one hundred and eighty-nine versus over two thousand. No problem. We'll fight them as best we can. Not many folks are willing to stand and fight when outnumbered almost eleven to one and yet as we discussed before the Texans forced a little over four kills per man. Bringing that ratio down to roughly seven to one. Still not great odds, but there is something to be said about the fighting spirit and capability of those men who inflicted such grievous injury to Santa Anna's army. We remember them today!They were mere men. They were not superheroes, they were just men, men of delicate flesh and blood, easily ripped apart by bayonet, bullet, and cannon the same as any of us alive today. Yet they stood with steadfast resolve against insurmountable odds and gave the enemy hell. While ultimately defeated in this battle, the spirit of resistance to tyranny and defiance to an oppressor lives on in all Texans and all Americans!Remember the Alamo!

Remember the Alamo
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