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Rest Easy: Finding Peace in Turbulent Times

Active Military
Active Military
March 18, 2018
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Rest easy. No matter how many times we go through this, it never gets any easier and the words never seem to be quite enough to honor the men and women who've lost their lives while serving. Our only hope is that their body and souls rest easy while their legacy lives on through those that knew them best. We believe very firmly that one of the best ways we can honor those that perish while in duty to this great nation is to take an attribute that they displayed, a virtue of theirs and adopt it as our own. We take a small piece of them and take it with us wherever we go.Whether it be their kindheartedness, their generosity, or their cheerful attitude, these are all things we can adopt as our own and take with us. We not only take their virtues with us, but we tell their story when people question why we're so kind, so generous, or so cheerful.To the members of 106th Rescue Wing, the 38th Rescue Squadron, and the 308th Rescue Squadron who perished, Captain Christopher "Tripp" Zanetis, Captain Andreas O'Keeffe, Captain Mark K.Weber, Master Sgt. Christopher Raguso, Master Sgt. William R. Posch, Staff Sgt. Dashan Briggs, and Staff Sgt. Carl P. Enis, we will do our best to carry your honorable legacy forward for all to see.You may be gone, but we as your brethren, your country, we will never forget that when asked to go, you did so without hesitation and dedicated your lives to ensuring others may live and that this nation would remain safe. We will never forget you or forsake the honor with which you served this country.To your families, we know and understand this is devastating, our thoughts are with you and know that your loved ones are forever remembered in our hearts as well. They are heroes, they will be remembered as such.

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