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Top 5 Toughest Schools in the Military

Active Military
Active Military
November 15, 2018
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We've gotten sooooooo much hate over the old version, and rightly so. Therefore we will be updating the toughest schools in the military. It is extremely difficult to give an accurate rating regarding these schools as everyone has weak points of their own. Some hate water, some hate rucking, some can endure both for short time, some can endure the shit show for a long time. Keep that in mind as we go over this revised list.Instead of ranking them in order, we will give a rating out of 10. 10/10 would be the hardest and 1/10 would obviously be the easiest. There will be no 1/10 ratings on this list, however, as all of these schools are a severe kick in the old scrotal sack that anyone who has been there will not soon forget.BUD/S: Rating10/10Here's why we're saying 10/10 for BUD/S, it's the water. The cold water. The waters of the Pacific Ocean, right there off of Coronado Island are fu**ing miserable. You will run, you will swim, you will be wet, you will be sandy, you will never be comfortable. Everything you do at BUD/S, as told by our reliable sources, teaches you to enjoy having the ever living shit beat out of you by mother nature and your instructors...for 6 months. Half a year of getting kicked in the nads.Basic Reconnaissance Course: Rating 9/10From what I understand it's like an abbreviated version of BUD/S. It only lasts 3 months, but it's a solid kick in the nuts as you transition from pool work to ruck runs and eventually, open ocean swims at the famous Coronado island (remember the cold water). Get's a 9/10 because you're not getting kicked in the nuts as long as you are during BUD/S.SFAS: Rating 10/10While there is no water portion that will drain your soul and make you hate your life decisions up until this point, you will be getting your dick kicked in a variety of other ways. The big deal at Selection is that nobody is going to hold your hand. You get the bare minimum when it comes to guidance/information and then, you're expected to put out to the best of your ability. You're competing against yourself 100% of the time and if you sandbag it, you'll get dropped faster than a 50 lb bag of shit in the Sahara desert. Your reputation in SF starts day one, don't be a bitch.

Toughest Schools

RASP: Rating 9/10It's a nonstop haze fest...training fest, where you physically get your shit kicked in day in and day out as the cadre ensure that you measure up to the standards. It's literally just them punishing you to see if you'll break. It's almost like there are no rules and they hate you for existing and trying to make it into the Regiment. You're not dick all until you've proven to the cadre that you can take anything they dish out.Pararescue School: Rating 9/10It's a hard school, but they get 9/10 because some of the more difficult training comes after the initial Pararescue school. It's still a gigantic kick in the nuts and if you're not up to par physically and mentally they will drag your junk through the dirt and laugh at you. We all joke about the Air Force, but this school is no joke. You will get f***ed up in a major way if you underestimate how difficult this 10-week course is.If you're school isn't on here, maybe it isn't one of the toughest schools, or at least it didn't make a large enough impression. We will say this, one of the toughest schools was not on the list. Dive school. They literally almost basically try to kill you in the pool. That school sucks ass.

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