ridiculous punishment you’ve suffered
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Ridiculous Punishment You've Suffered

Active Military
Active Military
January 1, 1970
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There's not a whole lot of things that I enjoy more than a good ass chewing. Whether I’m spectating or participating, I love the sight and sound of good just savage verbal discipline, am I right? Of course, I am. Ass chewing is nothing new in the military, in fact, they're more of a past time activity that symbolizes a coming of age situation…..Or a completely absurd situation. Whether in the infractions or the discipline, service members have always been creative when it comes to both playing stupid games and winning stupid prizes. Here are a few of the more shameful ones:Noel Rivera - USN Master at Arms, Pre-9/11:Back in '94 returning from a deployment in the Red Sea, my ship had a port visit in France. After being cooped up in a tin can for many months, two sailors from my ship lost track of time during their rejuvenation endeavor. They didn't get back to the liberty boat on time for the last ride back. So in desperation in returning to the ship, they “commandeered” a small boat that they had found on the beach [and] were able to row the boat back to the ship. So far so good, the young sailors must have thought. Now getting aboard was the next obstacle. I can't remember how they attempted to climb aboard but their luck soon ran out. While trying to get aboard they made enough noise to alert the watch that someone was trying to sneak onto the ship. The watch alerted the ship's security force and soon security was the "unknown" visitors. Luckily, no one was seriously injured [and after being identified], the young sailors were brought aboard ship. Part of their punishment was restriction and extra duty. As a Duty Section Master At Arms, I had to muster them at the assigned times and for extra duty. They were on time and got their work done. They weren't troublemakers but "Drunkin' Sailors" that made some bad decisions.Katie Maximena - USN, Post-9/11:It was about halfway through boot camp and it was evening routine. Evening routine is from 2100-2200. During that time, you're able to kind of relax and shine your boots. The whole nine yards. However, you were NOT allowed to lean against your rack. I was talking to a bunkmate next to me and we were sitting between our racks. My RDC walked in and thought we were leaning against out racks, so he brought us out to the middle of the compartment and made us PT. This close to 2200 and it was us PTing as is. That meant that if we were wearing sweats, we did it in sweats. I happened to be wearing shoes that weren’t tied, so I did it with untied shoes. Then, he told us that we were to sleep as is, no shower because shower time had already passed. All of this when we weren't even leaning on a rack.Nick Ackerson - ARMY paratrooper, Post-9/11One time there was some stupid NCO in my platoon who had a practicing for our "expert infantry badge." I'd already had mine for two or three years. He didn't have his. And he was making us practice IMT by putting our buttstock into the ground like we were in WWII or some shit. So I was practicing outdated tactics for a test I'd already passed two years ago, getting trained by a guy who hadn’t.I can’t say that I’m surprised because I’m not. You ever wonder why people always tell you to not run with scissors? ITS CAUSE SOME IDIOT RAN WITH SCISSORS AND THEY’RE DEAD NOW! Before that person, society thought they didn’t need to mention things that were considered common sense. Not only to service members like to do dumb stuff, we like to keep it interesting! So what’s your story?Read more military articles here.

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