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Shall Not Be Infringed

Active Military
Active Military
January 21, 2020
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On January 20, tens of thousands of people flooded Richmond, Virginia to protest proposed gun control legislation by the Governor of the State. The crazy part was thousands of them were armed. Estimates place the number over 22,000 protestors in the secure "gun-free" zone around the Capitol and 10,000 or more armed citizens outside the zone. There is no way to tell how many of them came from outside the state, and some gun advocacy groups claim the numbers of attendees were higher than reported.Virginia is an "open-carry" state meaning, legally speaking, you can carry legal weapons in public areas not prohibited by law (schools, churches, etc.), in a safe manner so as not to disturb the peace. With so many armed protestors we can all breathe a sigh of relief to know the event was calm and reported to be violence free.There was one arrest reported during the event. This was an unnamed woman who was arrested for wearing a mask. Unconfirmed reports say the woman was later released and no charges were filed.There was a random guillotine there...

There were several well known faces there such as former Virginia Congressman and Navy SEAL Scott Taylor, and radio host Alex Jones (who showed up in huge armored vehicle).The Governor tweeted he was thankful the demonstration ended peacefully and would continue to work to keep the commonwealth safe.

Author's Note: I live in Virginia, so you may ask if I went to the rally. No, I am headed to Las Vegas early tomorrow for SHOT show (article to follow) so instead I went to Hooters for wings and a cold beer. However, I applaud all the protestors who showed up and behaved themselves. This is a win for America and shows that legal gun owners are generally rational. We can all agree no one wants another mass shooting, but it should also be known that more gun control legislation will be opposed by many citizens of Virginia.

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