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Supremacy May Be Its Undoing

Active Military
Active Military
July 6, 2018
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Our supremacy may be our undoing. For years and years and years the United States has been the preeminent tier one military power on the face of this Earth. Even at the height of the Cold War, cables have revealed that the United States was years ahead of the Soviet Union in technology and weaponry. Because of this, America has enjoyed safety. Nobody can threaten us, when the gloves came off nobody would dare challenge the United States of America.That may be soon changing if we don't recognize that our supremacy may be our undoing. Why? Because in a leaked memo from China, their aim is to do exactly that, surpass the United States.China is ramping up it's military to surpass ours. It's not breaking news per say if you've paid any attention since the 1950's it's been clear as day that China seeks to be the world's premier military power. Sorry, we're not sorry for suggesting that we find a way to prevent that, without confrontation if at all possible.

Our Supremacy May Be Our Undoing

We've been king of the hill for so long we've gotten lazy. Our bitter infighting in the country has blinded us to the threats from outside. Al-Qaeda and ISIS as bad as they may be, are minor blips on the radar. The United States had better wake up and realize the cost of getting too far behind in the game of weaponry and military might is too high to pay. Countries like Russia and China are looking to make a comeback and we doubt they'll show clemency.Currently, nobody can touch us. We've still got the upper hand with our naval forces. China has a singular, tiny itsy bitsy aircraft carrier and we've just launched the most advanced warship to date in the USS Gerald R. Ford as well as a fleet of ten Nimitz class carriers (and more Gerald R. Ford class carriers on the way). Their carrier-based J-15s can't carry as many weapons or as much fuel as our F/A-18 Super Hornets or the F-35 Lightning II. So we're good, for now.

Our Supremacy May Be Our Undoing

However, if we don't look to the emerging threats in nations with the industrial capability to mass produce machines of war, we may soon find ourselves outpaced and outgunned.Even if they are of the "Made in China" quality...

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