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4D Medical: The Future of Lung Health

Veteran News
Veteran News
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Community Support
March 6, 2023
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Dear Patriots:

Many of you remember all the hard work that went into passing last year’s Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxics (PACT) Act. It was a watershed moment for the military service members and their families who have lost or been impacted by toxic exposure due to burn pits while serving overseas. It took far longer than we had hoped, but it finally got over the finish line with support from Burn Pits 360, Grunt Style and both political parties. It was signed into law by President Biden. Thank you for everything you did to make it happen. 

However, much work remains to ensure veterans are getting access to the health care services and benefits intended by the law–and we need your help. 

We are excited to announce that our dear friend, Rosie Torres, will be coming back to the Gaslighting the Warfighter podcast in March. Many of you know the story of Rosie and her husband, Le Roy. After serving in Camp Anaconda in Iraq, Le Roy returned home to Texas in 2008 very ill due to burn pit exposure. He had lung disease, headaches, coughing, autoimmune issues, memory loss, toxic brain injury and more. Le Roy continues to battle debilitating health conditions to this day.

Le Roy Torres, an Iraq war veteran, and his wife, Rosie, are the founders of an organization called Burn Pit 360. Burn pits were used in Iraq and Afghanistan to burn trash, including batteries, tires, human and medical waste. Torres has trouble with his memory, perception and emotions, which he attributes to his proximity to burn pits.Billy Calzada, Staff / Staff Photographer

After not getting the answers or help they needed, Le Roy and Rosie got involved and led the fight for 13 years. They were instrumental in passing the PACT Act.

Now, they are back to talk about their next mission working with a company called 4DMedical.  4D created cutting edge software with four-dimensional scanning capability that can quickly and painlessly give doctors clarity and details about a veteran’s lung function. With this information, veterans can get access to better treatment and avoid invasive and expensive biopsies.

LeRoy received his scan at the University of Miami in January. Read more about it here.

Rosie and Le Roy are on their next mission: pushing a pilot program to be launched at 3–5 VAs across the country where 4D software is installed and utilized to complete a functional imaging scan of the lungs. 

Now that the PACT Act has removed barriers for veterans seeking compensation, medical care, action is needed to create a better intake process for veterans to get the care they deserve. 

Passing the PACT Act was a big deal, and it took a lot of work holding the government's feet to the fire. Now we need to repeat the process with its implementation. 

Tune in to Gaslighting The Warfighter Podcast in March to hear from Rosie and Le Roy about their experience with this innovative technology and more!

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