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Top 5 Tanks of All Time

Active Military
Active Military
July 12, 2018
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So we have this affinity for things that make a really big boom. Battleships, artillery pieces, and tanks...maybe nuclear weapons too, but that's beside the point. We haven't done one of these top 5 lists in a while so we're glad to bring it back. Now the important thing to remember is we're going to be ranking all the tanks against their respective eras. So you might find some older tanks higher in rankings because, at the time, they were cutting edge technology. Everyone ready? You already know what our bias towards number one is going to be right?Here's a hint. It's the Abrams. Battle-tested, battle approved.1. M1 Abrams-United StatesBruh this tank can do almost everything you ask of it. With exceptional armor and great optics, phenomenal targeting, the Abrams has set the standard for main battle tanks since the 1980's. Other countries have comparable tanks, but none with quite the capabilities of the Abrams. Plus its pretty sexy lookin', for a tank.


2. Tiger I & II-GermanyFor its time, this tank was almost unstoppable. One on one versus any tank of the age, the Tigers had a distinct advantage. Thankfully there were very few produced and they had a major reliability issue. They broke down a bunch. When they worked they put fear into the hearts of many Allied soldiers.


3. Mark 1-United KingdomYou can bet that the first tank put into combat would be on this list. The "male" version of the Mark I was armed with two, 6-pound Hotchkiss guns and three, .303 Hotchkiss machine guns. First participating in the Battle of Flers-Courcelette, despite breakdowns of several tanks, the Mark 1 made a devastating impact and delivered us into the age of modern warfare.


4. Merkava-IsraelMerkava, chariot. A chariot it is. The Merkava is quite possibly the most thought out and well-designed tank as far as crew survivability goes. Israel is a small nation and they don't have a lot of people or tanks. The Merkava was built with that knowledge in mind ensuring that the armor and crew protection were of utmost importance. It's very rare to hear of a Merkava being destroyed.


5. T-72-RussiaOh, Russia. Produced in large quantities in the early seventies the T-72 was cutting edge technology for its day. With modernization, the thousands of T-72s produced are still in service today. It gets points for being simple, rugged and having some great longevity.


Editors note: The Leopard & T-90 when compared to the Abrams are a smidge behind. The Armata tank that Russia is working on has hit some major snags, therefore not included in Top 5.

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