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Warriors with that BDE

Active Military
Active Military
June 17, 2019
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If you know what BDE is then you know what this list is about to be comprised of. A buncha hella thicc, body stackin', big-pimpin' warriors. We're going to look at some of our favorite warriors from the United States years and even include one dude that isn't from the United States, but he deserves to be on the list.Be mindful, the list is in no particular order, this is just the order we thought of them in with it. This list is nowhere near comprehensive, but this is the list for today, maybe we'll do another BDE list next week.Robin Olds, United States Air Force:For all the shit we give the Air Force, Robin Olds was one bad jet jockey. Scoring 17 aerial kills, he was a triple ace, but Robin wasn't just known for his prowess in the air. The man was a hit with the ladies as well! A fighter pilot who was married to a Hollywood starlet while rocking a mustache that made Burt Reynolds and Tom Selleck look like they hadn't experienced puberty yet. Robin olds got that BDE.Audie Murphy, United States Army:How incredibly fitting that Audie Murphy was an audacious and strong-willed man. Hell of a fighter, and one hell of a star. Not only did he stack bodies, but he stacked Benjamin's too as an actor after the war. Not only did he receive every single award for valor from the United States Army, he appeared in 40 films and accumulated a net worth of a little under 2 million dollars (adjusted for inflation). That's definitely some BDE.George S. Patton, United States Army:" A good plan, violently executed now, is better than a perfect plan next week." That's one violent, bad mofo right there. Violently executing plans and taking ground. The dude had that BDE swagger from the very beginning. He was a man who knew what needed to get done and did it regardless of how others felt about it.James N. Mattis, United States Marine Corps:It takes a ton of BDE to say something like "I don't worry or stress, I cause worry and stress." Damn. Just gonna outright say that on national TV. Usually, when someone states that they're one badass mofo, they get shamed into obscurity. Not Chaos Actual. Nope. Everyone saw that interview and shook their heads in agreement.John Basilone, United States Marine Corps:What would you do if you just received the Medal of Honor for literally building a wall of bodies that you had to go and clear only so you could make a wall of bodies again and then were sent stateside selling war bonds? If you answered enjoying the company of several beautiful Hollywood stars, then you're a lot like our bro John Basilone. Dude slayed in more ways than one.Edward C. Byers, United States Navy:One dude literally bodied three Taliban insurgents by hand or by gun, Edward Byers owned the room he went into after the Taliban shot one of his fellow SEALs. All while protecting the doctor they were sent to rescue. Imagine being so badass that you can shield a dude from harm while beating wholesale ass on two other dudes. BDE right there.Nicolas D. Checque, United States Navy:We couldn't put Edward on this list and not include the warrior who initiated the charge. A Taliban shitbag saw the SEALs when they were about 23 meters away from the compound, so Nicolas smoked that dude and went full attack mode charging the compound. People who run towards gunfights got BDE. Unfortunately, Checque was shot as he entered the room and was unable to be revived. For his actions, he received the Navy Cross.Honorable Mention:The SAS dude from Kenya. Dude is straight up being a One Man National Asset. Dude hears about hostages in the mall while he's out chilling and he's like..."Meh, I guess I can add to my body count today," then proceeds to dust every single terrorist in the mall like a beast. That's BDE...but he's SAS from Britain, hence the honorable mention.

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