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Focused on GWOT: Have We Neglected Something?

Active Military
Active Military
March 11, 2019
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That we've forgotten what a real peer level adversary looks like. We still think we could take on Russia and China as we view a lot of their "superior technology" as a lot of superior propaganda and saber rattling. But the truth is, we've been fighting dudes in mud huts for so long that fighting a peer level force seems almost foreign to us as a nation.Don't get us wrong, the troops still train for a conventional war (at least we did while I was in, but that was 2004-2008), but after 20 years of one type of fighting, it's not unrealistic to say that maybe we've gotten a little rusty with our conventional warfare? Maybe...?One of the big advantages we've enjoyed while fighting the GWOT is unprecedented Air Supremacy. Our jets and bombers literally are untouchable. They can loiter aloft at over 35,000 feet or hell even 15,000 feet and nobody is throwing SA-400's at them in either Afghanistan or in Iraq. It just wasn't happening. That's not going to be the case if we fight Russia or China, we're going to have to work for it. We're pretty firm believers that we'll eventually achieve at least Air Superiority, but this may be the last time we'll ever see such lopsided aerial invulnerability.Another advantage we've enjoyed is the lack of enemy artillery and armor. In the opening days of the Iraq war, yeah Saddam still had some tanks and artillery, but when the "toppling" of the Iraqi government was achieved in roughly 3 weeks, it's pretty apparent, that from 2004 on, nobody was worried about a whole shitload about tanks or large artillery pieces. We worried about the IEDs the munitions from those could make, but not the actual vehicle itself.We've been so focused on GWOT that when it comes to fighting conventional again, we're going to kick ourselves for wasting so much time fiddle farting around like a bunch of assholes for damn near 20 years instead of whipping ass and getting set for the next fight.Shit guys, Russia says it doesn't need to buy a lot of T-14 Armatas because their T-72 will do just fine against western tanks...that doesn't piss you off just a little bit? We're not saying they're correct, but to even assert that...pretty damn ballsy Russia.

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