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What to Remember About Operation Red Wings

Active Military
Active Military
June 26, 2019
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It's been 14 years since the ill-fated Operation Red Wings took place. There are lessons to be learned certainly. I think in the time since the actions of the men on the ground have been put under a microscope to the umpteenth degree. Every armchair quarterback speculates and talks with bravado and gusto about how if it'd been them there, the outcome would have been different.To those folks, sure dude, sure it would. I bet if a Drill Instructor got in your face you'd knock him out too and I'm sure there is some drywall somewhere needing to be taught a lesson.The lessons I took from Operation Red Wings, they are a little different. See many people talk about what they would have done to avoid the situation the SEALs found themselves in. That's fine and dandy. Proper prior planning prevents piss poor performance, it's always good to have a plan for what you'd do to mitigate risks to your team. There is nothing wrong with that. In fact, you'd be a shit leader if you purposely didn't figure out the way to be the most efficient at killing the other guys and keeping your guys alive.But what happens when the shit does inevitably hit the fan? Do you have a plan for that too? Or did your whole life just get twisted turned upside down because things didn't go according to plan?Those SEALs and whatever you want to say about them had a plan for when shit hit the fan. They fought back. Ferociously. Four men against a numerically superior indigenous force. They fought.Then their friends came to fight. Despite the odds. Despite knowing the danger. They went.See two similar things happened here. When shit hit the fan with the team on the ground they fought, despite being hit multiple times and falling down a sheer cliff, then being shot again. The team that was coming to rescue them...they came despite the danger.On this anniversary. Honor the men that fell on that mission by not letting life get the best of you, by being reliable and being someone others can rely on in time of need. Honor them by fighting and striving to live up to their legacy of commitment. That's what we should remember to do on this anniversary and all follow on anniversaries of this action. Fight against the woes of your life be someone that others can count on. Honor them in this way.

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