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Alpha Outpost Box Review: Patriot

Mammoth Sniper Challenge
Mammoth Sniper Challenge
November 30, 2016
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Hi, I'm Debby, an Army Wife, mom, and proud American.Subscription: Alpha OutpostThe Cost: $39.95/mo + $6.95 shipping

My Box: "The Patriot"


As a Patriot and an Army Wife I really enjoyed opening this box.Alpha Outpost has great quality products and a lot of use for what comes in the box.



The book that came with this package was pretty cool. It came with some knowledge on American history.Learning why this country is so great is pretty fantastic.There are things in this book that a lot may not know or may have forgotten; the book is a great idea.The other pamphlets described the items included and their value. This box was valued at $97; considering you pay about $45 with shipping, not bad. Although a shirt was as one of the products for this box, I was not given one this time, as it was a limited release.

Declaration of Independance/Constitution handbook


I really liked getting this book. As you know we sometimes need to educate people (my children in particular) and having this in our purse or back pocket is a great thing.

Flag Bandana


I love getting an American Flag but I really didn’t know what to do with this. Having a way to hang this up like little rings in the corner would be really cool to have. I know that it can function as a bandana but having direction or other functions would be great to have. People like me don’t know how to wrap a bandana up correctly.

Bumper Stickers


I love love bumper stickers!!I mean who doesn’t love stickers. Sticking them on my car! Sticking them on a trunk of memories I have! They're great. I love the gritty design on these.

Shot Glasses


Getting shot glasses are one of the best perks of this box! The stainless steel is nice and high quality.These are great in a pinch when you are out at a friends house and you need a glass. You pull these bad boys out; what better way to talk about this amazing American company!!

Ball Cap


This Hat…I love it but my husband has claimed it :(I love wearing hats and this one was perfect with not a lot going on with it.It's simple and very comfortable. This is worth the box!



The patches are cool. I put the American Flag on a hat that I have and the Alpha Outpost patch on a backpack I have.



Just Look at this!I absolutely love this zippo! Again, made from steel and really high quality.Yes, this is another item that my husband took from me. I can really see the appeal for men for these products.



These sunglasses are actually really good in the sun. Sometimes you find that they don't perform as well when they're cheap. But these were great.Are they stylish for a girl? Well, I guess that depends on the day and how I feel.If you have kids, they would love these.



I used to carry a gallon of water around to make sure that I drink enough. With the measurements on the side of the bottle, it helps me out a lot. You can even carry it by the yellow little handle on attached to the lid. Good, thick plastic feels like it won't crack easily. A+ in my book.


All in all, I think for the value of the box everything in it is worth the value.There is a lot of fun in this box. Yes there are a couple of items that can maybe have a little bit more explanation with it (Bandana & sunglasses)But all in all these items are a great pick for the PATRIOT Box.

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