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American Flag's Global Travels

Active Military
Active Military
October 19, 2017
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Having an American flag flown in combat zones or at historical points has long been a wonderful tradition. The representation of the sacrifice that many have made and many continue to give, being delivered as a gift or a special keepsake is a tremendous honor. The resolve of the United States of America to be an uplifting and sheltering force for good in this world is symbolized through our flag. America is always there trying to do good. We're trying to tell the world that nobody should live under tyranny and fear. That's what the flag represents. heard a story of one such flag, but this flag, unlike many others has made it to the four corners of the Earth. Touching all seven continents this flag brought the message of hope, liberty, and independence to every land mass on our planet. started out as a commissioning gift from his grandfather in 2014. The idea then came to him that in the same spirit that had moved him to serve, that the flag should go to the world spreading that message of hope and liberty. First, the flag went to Afghanistan, where it was flown on several medevac missions. It's flown from the dusty combat zones of Afghanistan to the United States Capitol building, the USS Arizona, and eventually even to Antarctica.When Lt. Henrickson took over his first platoon in 2015 he decided that as a promise to his NCO's if they helped mentor him and gave him their absolute best, he'd reward them with a flag before they PCS'd or ETS'd. The flag would be flown on post with a certificate and Lt. Henrickson would explain the significance in front of the platoon as a parting gift. He hopes that each man will have their flag go on a special journey as well. Whether to a display case in a home, where the principles of self-sacrifice and devotion to one's country are taught. Or the flag would go on a journey much like the flag Lt. Henrickson was given as a gift. can see that our country is hurting. We've got internal division and external nuclear threats, and the whole world just seems crazy. Maybe the flag, which has been the source of so much controversy, can actually be the unifying symbol. Maybe the flag will say to people "Hey we know we're not perfect and we've got a lot of work to do, but we're trying. We're trying to protect the innocent, and uphold justice, and though we make mistakes, we are trying." Maybe, just maybe the admission that we're not perfect, but we believe that we can get better is enough to unify our country. Maybe this one little flag, that evokes such powerful emotions across this land, will be the one thing to unite us all once again.If you'd like to follow the flag's journey on Instagram you can do so here.Lt. Henrickson is currently serving with the 1st Battalion 36th Infantry Regiment, 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division.

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