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Advanced Beard Care: Taking Your Beard to the Next Level

Mammoth Sniper Challenge
Mammoth Sniper Challenge
January 23, 2018
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I don't even want to begin to think of how horrible the beard would be if you followed the directions in Beard Care 101. Here is actual beard care. Protip number one, none of that stuff is good for your hair. Definitely, buy Merica Bourbon, but drink it, don't waste it on your beard. Alcohol will dry out your beard and skin giving you itchy flaky skin underneath and you definitely don't want that. Also, rubbing bacon grease into your beard doesn't help it grow, but eating bacon will.What you actually want to do is definitely moisturize your beard using beard oil, beard balm, or beard cream. Some work better than others depending on your genetics and individual style. Either way Grunt Style offers several beard care products from Grunt Style beard oil to beard balm and multiuse pomade. Using these products will keep your beard full of moisture and keep your face from flaking all over your nice suit or favorite Grunt Style shirt. For beard oil, the best time to apply is right after a hot shower when the pores on your face are nice and open.

actual beard care
actual beard care

For washing your beard, unless you sweat every day (guys who workout), don't wash your beard every day. It will dry your skin out and again make your beard and face flake. If you do need to wash your beard every day ensure you're using a shampoo and conditioner that is specifically made for face and beards. The last thing you or your lady friend(s) want is for you to have a rough itchy beard when you could have a soft luxurious man mane. Products with tee tree oil or coconut oil are great for both the skin and beard.

actual beard care

Lastly, the only thing Beard Care 101 had right was the brushing of your beard. Brushing your beard helps your beard looking neat and clean, training the hairs to grow in the desired direction. A good boar hair beard brush will also trap oils and help distribute them throughout the beard and keep the beard, neat, soft and full. These tips will actually keep your beard nice, full, soft and healthy for as long as you grow it.

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