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Master of Firepower: The Best Machine Guns

Active Military
Active Military
January 8, 2018
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We've composed this list of the best machine guns because honestly, happiness is a belt-fed weapon. What better feeling is there than to feel the recoil as round after round flies down range creating a veritable wall of lead? Almost nothing in the world compares.1. Browning M-2 .50 caliber machine gun

best machine guns

You had to know this was the number one on the list. Nothing made insurgents run away from a gunfight like the 'Ma Deuce' rocking and rolling. There are (or were, at least while I was in) M-2's that were used to slay bodies in WW2. You're shooting freedom-hating assholes with the same weapon that killed freedom-hating assholes over sixty years ago. It doesn't get much better than that.2. GAU 19/A(orB)This was the only gun that gave the M2 any real competition. This .50 caliber machine gun fires a max of 2,000 rounds a minute. Doing the math (which is hard for us), that's 33 rounds a second. Try to wrap your head around that. Literally, a wall of lead is being created here and it's a thing of beauty.

best machine guns

3. Mk-19Coming in third on our list of best machine guns is the Mk19 heavy machine gun. Its ammunition is a 40 mm grenade. Despite the hate that may come our way from machine gunners, it's a fully automatic grenade launcher. You're not creating a wall of lead, you're creating a wall of explosions. And boom goes the dynamite. The only downside is that without the right lube, this monster is finicky, hence 3rd place.

best machine guns

4. M134 MinigunThis bad beast spits out hate and discontent at 6,000 rounds per minute of 7.62-millimeter projectiles of furious death. Despite its small stature (relative to the above three guns), what the M134 lacks in size, it makes up for in speed. We already talked about what 2,000 rounds per minute was like, think about what 6,000 rounds per minute would feel like if you were on the receiving end. Not fun, although you probably wouldn't live to tell the tale.

best machine guns

5. Gatling GunIt all started in America! How remiss would we be if we didn't include the predecessor to all these deadly instruments of war? Put in service in 1862 the Gatling gun proved to be extremely effective for Union forces during the American Civil War. Chambered in either .58 caliber at 200 rounds per minute or .30 caliber at 400-900 rounds per minute. this was a definitive game changer for militaries everywhere.

best machine guns
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