Which Branch Has the Best Uniforms
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Branch with the Best Uniforms

Active Military
Active Military
January 1, 1970
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Pride is certainly a strong pillar in the military community. Pride in Country. Pride in corps. And a heavily emphasized pride in self. Everything we do must be done on a superb level. From the way we PT to the way we dress…ESPECIALLY the way we dress. The Military has some of the sharpest uniforms out there and we sure as hell know it. From a stranger's wedding to a clown studded kid’s birthday party: Any formal event is a good event for our dress uniforms. I went deep undercover into the veteran community (read: I walked into a bar) to get some opinions from vets new and old on which branch has the better uniform.

Sophia Bellado, USN, Pre-9/11:

I would say Marines fo sho. I just want to rip it off! Navy has the worst, ever since they did away with dungarees. Nothing sexy about Army, and Air Force is too pretty. I like my men in uniform to look rugged.

Jace Hightower, ARMY FIST-er, Post 9/11:

The ACU I wore when I was in was trash. they looked awful, were as useful as tits on a boar hog, and didn't blend in with shit. I hated them, especially when you see us up against the Marines, [their] uniforms were sharp, they looked like they fit better, whereas we looked like dumpy little twats. Dress uniforms, however, I would have given [the Marines] the edge when we still had the dress greens, but the new army dress blues look great! Also, getting rid of the beret for the regular guys was awesome too, I always felt like I was wearing a droopy labia on my fuckin' head when I had to wear the beret. So, there ya go. Best duty uniforms, Marines, best dress uniform Army, then the jarheads, then the rest of the losers.

Landis Frederick, USN Seabee, Post 9/11:

The Marine dress blues are my favorite uniform. Outside of camouflage, I think it’s the most iconic uniform of the military mostly because of the commercials I grew up watching about the military. It has a very dignified look. Dress blues in the Navy make you look like a clown. I can’t even remember what Air Force or Army dress uniforms look like off the top of my head.

Wally Dworak, ARMY, Pre-9/11:

I vote for Army. Clearly, nothing is settled and argument will keep going on for thousands of years. In the end, it’s purely subjective, plus we all know the Marines look dapper AF 24/7. No matter your opinion on the matter I think it’s safe to assume a few things: -Although the Navy is mostly represented by the color blue, when it comes to the Marine Dress uniform these sailors look more green with envy. -I’m slightly turned on by the old Army covers. -And Wally is one stupid question away from snapping my neck.So what are your thoughts on the uniforms? Which one do you think is best? Why?Read more Military articles here.

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