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Defining Battles in American History

Active Military
Active Military
January 10, 2018
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American forces have fought in many a clime and place over the last 243 years. Some of the battlefields are lesser known than others. These defining battles in American history are the epitome of the American spirit and can do attitude. Despite overwhelming odds, American forces triumphed.1. Normandy Landing

Defining American Battles

Dubbed Fortress Europa, the beaches all along the Atlantic ocean were built up with such tremendous defenses that many thought that Hitler's Atlantic Wall could not be breached. Fifteen thousand gun emplacements, manned by 300,000 soldiers bristled along the Atlantic coastline of occupied Europe. While we could drone on and on, the fact is that with 34,250 men on Omaha beach and 23,250 men on Utah beach, Americans and their allies on the adjacent beaches had secured a beachhead and pushed inland in just a matter of days.2. Battle of Iwo JimaAnother World War 2 battle that defined American fighting spirit and dedication to duty in the midst of overwhelming odds was the battle for the small island of Iwo Jima. The Japanese had over 20,000 defenders of an island that was only eight square miles in size. The defenders were well supplied and dug in. Despite having overwhelming numbers (roughly 110,000 troops), the American forces suffered over 25,000 casualties in a little over a month. However, as James Forrestal stated, the flag raising on Mount Suribachi meant the Marine Corps for another 500 years.

Defining battles

3. Khe SanhSix thousand Marines defended the combat patrol base at Khe Sanh against nearly 100,000 North Vietnamese aggressors. While the battle technically didn't end until July 9th, the Marines held out from January 21st, 1968 till April 8th, 1968 against a constant onslaught of NVA troops, repelling many by hand to hand combat.

4. Battle of Lexington and ConcordWhile the war would rage on for years after this skirmish, the idea behind it remains forever in the hearts and minds of Americans. It signifies that we would not be ruled by tyranny or oppression any longer and would fight with all of our might against it. A couple of hundred rag-tag militiamen faced off against British regulars attempting to destroy their supplies...and they won. The British retreated back to Boston with the tail between their legs.

defining battles

5. Highway of DeathThe United States and its allies conducted a symphony of death and destruction along Highway 80 and Highway 8 during the first Gulf War. As Iraqi forces fled Kuwait after their invasion, U.S. airpower trapped hordes of Iraqi armor by destroying the lead and trail vehicles of the large armored convoy. What took place then was a turkey shoot, with wreckage and debris strewn about in the most apocalyptic of ways. Estimates place the enemy KIA greater than 10,000 in number. When the U.S. has all its ducks in a row, the might of its military power is unsurpassed and totally devastating.

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