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Active Military
Active Military
November 9, 2017
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Veteran's Day is coming up this week. Surely you've got your Veteran's Day plans all hammered out by now. You're gonna hit up the donut and coffee shop for breakfast, then onto a few restaurants to keep you fat and happy throughout the day. Hell, your favorite bar might just be offering free drinks for you that night. That sounds like a solid plan right? It does, until someone doesn't know about the promotion or that location isn't participating for whatever reason.Uh oh spaghetti-o, now its time to be a real prick and ensure that everyone there knows you served and they should be on their knees thanking you for your service right? No. Don't do that. Either pay for the meal you ate, or find somewhere else to go without being a gigantic ass about it. Or, show some self-worth and respect and tip heavy so it's clear that you appreciate the sentiment but you don't need a handout--just some respect and thanks would be nice.For a group of people that supposedly are tougher than all the "snowflakes," veterans can be just as bad (hopefully this becomes less and less of a thing). When you really take a step back and think about all the reasons you chose to serve, was getting a free meal or having some demented form of hero worship take place in your honor on your mind? We're hoping that it wasn't.We all love to get "freebies" but acting like a spoiled child harms the veteran community in the most egregious of ways. You're supposed to have some bearing and discipline, act like it. We shouldn't have to say it. Think of us as your battle buddy that will knock you out when you get too drunk. We do it because we care, we want you to not look like more of an idiot by getting uppity about people not thanking you for your service. By the way guys, so you don't feel like someone owes it to you this weekend...

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Thank you for your service. Now go have a good time and don't be a jackass. Maybe the rest of the country can learn from the example and do the same.

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