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Active Military
Active Military
November 20, 2017
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There is a saying that, "We don't know what humans did to deserve dogs, but it wasn't enough."A new HBO series is documenting the service of multi-purpose War Dogs. Many of the dogs that serve in our armed forces are single or dual purpose animals. These animals do amazing work for the boots on the ground. Story after story about the heroic actions of these dogs are told time and time again--many times by the handler while his the dog lays there unaware of the praise being heaped upon it. There is, however, another set of military working dogs. We all knew these dogs existed but to the capacity, they serve with is now being detailed.Multi-purpose military working dogs are the dogs that go into combat with our nation's top-tier special operations forces. In number, these dogs are fewer than one percent of the total amount of military working dogs. These are no ordinary working dogs, they provide critical mission support for the operators in the field. The training for these dogs is even harder than the training of some of their human counterparts, becoming an MPC is not a small feat and these dogs represent the most disciplined, loyal and intelligent in their field.

In his last year in office, President Clinton signed Robby's Law. Before the law, the military working dogs were not treated with the same level of honor and respect as they are today. The thought was that they were unable to transition to a meaningful civilian life. As the "GWOT" rages on and on, we've seen multiple military working dogs come to the end of their service and are adopted by their handlers.

The bond between a man and his dog is a special thing, the bond between a warrior and his warrior dog is an even deeper bond. We highly anticipate watching this series and seeing the exploits of the Multi-Purpose Canines (like Cairo who accompanied SEAL Team 6 on the Osama Bin Laden raid) as they carve out their own unique chapter in the history of our armed services.

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