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Florida Boy Calls 911 to Invite Officers for Thanksgiving Dinner

Mammoth Sniper Challenge
Mammoth Sniper Challenge
November 25, 2016
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911 dispatchers are used to getting the occasional prank call (or a serious, albeit ridiculous call). This one was far more adorable."A little boy melted all the hearts in Walton County Sheriff's Office Communication Center today," Walton County Sheriff Michael A. Adkinson, Jr. stated on his Facebook page.Billy, a young boy that lived in the area, called the emergency hotline to invite the dispatchers over for thanksgiving dinner. A pleasant surprise in the midst of the tragedy that is often business-as-usual for these cops.


"With all the bad calls we take on a daily basis this one was a welcomed happy call that made all of us smile," said Monica Webster, lead communications officer.Billy was paid a visit by Deputy Damon Byrd and Deputy Aaron Ethridge in response to his invitation. They gave him a sheriff's badge, and even let him sit in their patrol car. Bonus!"While we do not encourage this use of 911... we are so honored at the invitation. Thank you Billy for making all of our days here at WCSO," the post concluded.Billy, we love your thoughtful heart for our police officers. We hope your Thanksgiving was awesome!

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