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Forget Baseball, Check World War II-Era Trading Cards

Mammoth Sniper Challenge
Mammoth Sniper Challenge
April 11, 2017
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Small pieces of history can often be the biggest insight into the minds of people who lived in that time period. Reddit user dmanbiker was shown these trading cards that were kept by his grandfather, who lived through World War II. These small cards, which were just prizes in packs of gum back in the day, offer insight into just how pervasive the war was in American culture at that time.These cards were manufactured by GUM, INC. during World War II. The company manufactured sports trading cards, but also published various series based on the war. Many of these cards fall into the "Uncle Sam/Home Defense" series. There was also a "Horrors of War" series that was quite popular, in the right condition, is worth a lot of money today.The cards cover everything from historical figures who didn't give into the Nazi takeover, to the armaments of both US allies and enemies. There are also a few cars detailing the work of both sailors and marines around the globe. It's pretty incredible that these were given to children, as today even Garbage Pail Kids get parents in a tizzy.

1.) Emil Fay - Don't Let it Happen Over Here

2.) United States DC-4


3.)British anti-aircraft balloons

4.) The 4-engine Boeing, AKA, the "Flying Fortress"

5.) German Torpedo Boats

6.) Italian Fighter Planes

7.) Refortifying the German Heligoland

8.) When an 8 cartridge gun was top of the line

9.) The Maginot Line, a Fortress that Ultimately Fell Easily to the Germans

10.) The Japanese Destroyer "Fubuki"

11.) U.S. Naval Target Practice

12.) War at Sea

13.) Marines in the Jungle

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